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Explorations on the South Coast are endless. Whether you’re looking for that perfect wave with no-one out, or a secluded beach hidden deep in the jungle, its out there. We don’t pretend to know everything about life here but we want to! So ask us about vehicle rental or the organization of trips and go find something amazing. We guarantee you’ll meet some inspiring people and see nature at its beautiful best.



There's something about practicing yoga as the sun creeps over the horizon or sets peacefully behind it that's simply magical. The location of our yoga lessons are flexible depending on the weather and the instincts of our super zen instructors. The lessons are often held in the chilling area or on the hostel rooftop but sunrise and sunset beach classes are always a possibility. We provide the yoga mats and professional instructors, you provide the atmosphere and inspiration. You can also purchase 5 class discount packages.


Tea Plantation

Sri Lanka is world famous for its teas and it is the countries #1 export. Come tea tasting and see the entire process of how it goes from leaf to delicious cup. Also, a great souvenir for friends and family back home.

Galle Fort

Blast into the past exploring this beautiful Dutch fort. Spend the day strolling around this world heritage site and stock up on goodies in the local markets. An easy scooter or tuk tuk ride from the hostel.

Snake Farm

Get up close and personal with Sri Lankan serpents. This snake encounter will help you better understand these beautiful creatures in an environment where they are well taken care of.

Animal Rescue Center

Over 1000 dogs are being cared for here. Volunteer at the local animal rescue center helping injured animals get the love and attention they need to get back on their paws.


Surf Lessons

Sri Lanka is one of the best places on the planet to learn to surf! We will connect you with the best local instructors and surf guides to get you shredding in no time and saying words like radical and pumping.


Explore above and below the surface all of Sri Lankas ocean animals. Whale watching with blue whales, snorkeling with dozens of sea turtles and PADI scuba diving trips.


Who says you need to go to Africa for a safari?! Visit the nearby national park to see elephants, water buffalo, crocodile and maybe the elusive leopard.

Adams Peak

If you are up for a big adventure, you can test yourself doing a night time climb up the 5,500+ stairs to the top of Adams peak. One of the most spectacular places to watch the sunrise in the country!