Sri Lanka Corona Virus by Yazeed

A typical Lankan day

With what’s going on with Covid-19 virus, I’d like to share my own point of view as a tourist.

Here in the south of Sri Lanka, the days are slow and normal, you see people walking in the street and smiling. Everyone is going on with their daily business as usual, with the exception of some places closing down.

Ever since the virus became a pandemic. My days haven’t changed a lot. I start my day by waking up to birds, monkeys, and people having a morning laugh. I have my coffee just like I would everyday. A double shoot of espresso. After that I join the daily conversation about the C word to stay informed about the situation. After which I would go to the beach for a morning surf, where lots of other surfers are out early searching for that perfect wave.

Living in the small village of Midigama where everyone is a familiar face, life is much different than what’s going on in other parts of the world. The daily life here is distant from the chaos that the virus is causing. There is peace and calmness. Unfortunately, other parts of the world are deprived of these simple life leisure’s. Such as, going out for groceries, walking down the beach, or meeting people. One thing has changed for me since the virus became a pandemic. Which is realizing it’s the small things that matter in this life, and I’m lucky enough to be in a place that has a strong sense of community where we go through these tough times together.

We are in a unknown situation, that never happened before. Country boarders shutting down, people panicking, emerging of racism, down to the simple act of just coughing could put you in trouble. We need to understand that people are scared of an invisible threat, and as a community we all must come together and fight this pandemic.

Social distancing yourself from the rumors and news, is one way to fight this virus. Just be informed on what is needed to know, how to safeguard yourself from it, and take the right measures the benefit you and others around you. Be more careful, live life normally, eat healthy Wombat style🤙

Sri Lanka Corona Virus by Basilis

I am from Dominican Republic and currently in Sri Lanka almost two month ago by now. So being at 15,768 kilometers away from home, taking in consideration the chaos that the entire world is facing at the moment with this pandemic virus called #Covid_19 it’s really frustrating.

Today I received a call from my mom and her first words were “please come back home, we need to be together”, hearing that from her just broke my heart into pieces. Lots of families have loosen their love ones, the world economy has collapsed, the tourism, actually is frozen and the virus everyday is reaching more and more people; looks like the planet earth is going to end but something important about all of this is stay positive, be part of the solution. As a human being is our responsibility take action and follow all the advices and tips from the World Health Organization to prevent catching and spreading the virus not only for ourselves security but also to protect the people around us.

Also is important to keep us inform about what is going on and adopt the guidelines of our governing authorities. Maybe, this is the best/right time to think or find out our mission in life and help others in whatever way we can. The world needs love, companion and compression, so let’s do some work together.

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