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Midigama is one of the best place to be for surfing in the south cost of Sri Lanka during the winter.

Lazy Left

Lazy Left is the most famous surf spot in Midigama that is good for advanced and intermediate surfers. On better days the wave can give you few hundred meter long lefts. Deep reef- so can be  forgiving. Works best with low tide. Takeoff and first section is fast- after it is pretty mellow wave. Can get crowded. Best swell: SSW, best wind: N. Distance from the hostel: 30 second walk :)

Ps! We have seen locals getting barreled there! Ps! Sometimes you can score some rights as well.

Lazy Right

Lazy Right is for sure the best beginner surf spot in Midigama. Also, good for long boards and fun boards. Deep reef break. Holds up big swell. When everywhere is closing out- try it out! You can get some amazing rides. Best swell: SSW, best wind: N.

Ps! One of the best surfs we have had when it is 6-8 ft.


Is the best advanced surf spot in Midigama: short, shallow and hollow. Interested in getting barreled? Go surf there. The most powerful wave in the area. Shallow reef. Mainly right, but you can score some lefts as well. Best swell: S- SW, best wind: NE.

Ps!You can also chill on the cafe opposite of Rams, and see people getting barreled. It is very fun!
Ps!Favorite spot for all the advanced surfers..


This spot is a good surf break for intermediate and advanced surfers. Mainly rights but can get good lefts as well. Deep reef but need to be careful with rocks when going in. Smaller days also suitable for beginners. Popular among locals. Best swell: SSW, best wind: NNE 

Ps! Wake up five am and paddle in- we guarantee You have a lot of fun:)!


for intermediate and advanced surfers. Fast and hollow left and peeling right. Works best with bigger swell. Less crowded than nearby breaks. You can paddle in from the beach near Plantation or jump in from rocks. Best swell: SSW, best wind: NNE 

Ps! Beautiful beach to watch sunset and surf. 

Weligama Beach Break

Weligama beach break- best beginner surf break, and best place to catch your first wave. Expect everybody dropping in and with bigger days- boards are literally flying everywhere. Only five minute ride from Midigama. Low- power wave and more sheltered from wind than nearby spots. Best swell: S-SW, best wind: North.

Ps! Probably the best place to get your flirt on with local Beachboys.

Sion / Devil’ s rock

Sion is the favourite spot of one of the founder of our hostel. mellow waves suitable for long boards and short boards. Long lefts and long rights. Good for intermediates and smaller days for beginners. Friendly environment in water (unless it is very busy). Be careful with rocks when you go in and go out. Best swell: SSW, best wind: NNE 

Ps! The Best place to chill and take surf photos.


Mirissa surf break- for intermediate and advanced surfers. 20 minute tuk-tuk ride from Midigama. Peeling right-hander over reef. Be careful with sea urchins and do not be afraid to wear reef-boots. Hardly affected by onshore winds because of the location. Best swell: SW, best wind: NE

Ps! Plenty of cafes and restaurants on beach- so finish your surf with some good local BBQ fish and espresso martini.