are we?

We are two girls from Italy and Estonia who met in Australia. We originally came to Sri Lanka on holiday but fell in love with the nature, people and vibe of this special island. After years of travel we finally found a place that made us want to stay. So we decided to get to work and create somewhere incredible for travelers.


-Jamming queen-

You can mostly see her sitting in front of the hostel with her guitar. She never says no to some jamming with you. You can also talk for hours with her about healthy food. And please do not say that  Mac n’ Cheese is your favorite food – she’ll roll her eyes and start talking about REAL food because ALL good Italian girls will defend their grandma’s culinary honor with their life ?. You can also see her in Sri Lankan tv ads – her fame is slowly growing, she has been recognized by random members of the public at least 3 times. She’s always up for a good chat. Out in the surf she’s been known to take a good wave and on the paddle back, congratulate herself by saying: “not bad, not bad at all!”


-Estonian firecracker-

She always has 1000 ideas and she is famous for asking you some weird questions about life, politics or, for example, which animal you would be??? If you stayed at wombats for a month you probably still wouldn’t have heard all the crazy stories she has from her travels (but you probably would have heard some twice 😉  She’s an opportunist who wants to get a thrill out of anything new. But always surfing is the no.1. She’s aiming to be the Estonian surf team mascot by the 2040 Olympics.  Nights out are another one of her expertise. She knows where to take you and get you in the mood to dance!  And yes, she will buy you a beer if you beat her at chess.

Slogan Who

Surfing, dreaming, living; come join the party!



One of the best things about running the hostel is that we have made so many friends and met so many incredible people. Our hostel is about more than just being a booked in guest. Its a place to make connections across the borders of cultural values. A chance to listen to people with perspectives on life you've never thought about before. In the end of the journey - those special places that lodge themselves within a happy corner of our memory will rely on the people we shared experiences with. Kroot, Romina and, most importantly, the amazing Sri Lankan staff members, welcome everybody with open hearts. Let's take your trip to the next level! Yewwwwwww! Click HERE to book.