The frequently
asked questions

You have questions, Wombats have answers!!! Well…most of the time 😉

How do I get to Wombats?

There are 3 different ways: 1. BOOK A TAXI THROUGH US - It is 70 euros and takes around 2.5 hours from the airport. Please send us email with Your Name, departure time and flight number. Pros: +fast, +comfortable, +safe, +can take surfboard. Cons: -expensive. 2. TAKE A TRAIN Step 1: Take a bus or taxi from Colombo International Airport to Colombo Fort (45-60 minutes). Step 2: Take a train from Colombo Fort to Midigama or Weligama or Ahangama depending on which departing train best fits your schedule. The train cost 2 euros and takes about 5 hours. You should be at the train station at least 15 minutes before departure time. Check the train schedules here: Step 3: The train to Midigama will drop you off 100 meters from Surfing Wombats. Just walk up the street away from the beach and look right. From Weligama or Ahangama you can take an easy 10 minute tuk tuk ride to Wombats. Pros: +cheap, +can take surfboard. Cons: -slow, – can be not comfortable, -doesn’t leave so often. 3. TAKE A BUS Step 1: Take a taxi or tuk tuk to either the Colombo Fort bus station (Local bus route, a little slower) or to the Colombo Maharagama bus station (Express bus route, a bit faster) to Galle Fort. Step 2: From Galle Fort, take a local bus to Midigama (about 30 minutes). Step 3: From the bus stop in Midgama, just cross the train tracks and Wombats is 100 meters up on the right. Pros: +cheap, +leaves often. Cons: -slow (can be 5-6 hours), -not comfortable, -sometimes cannot take surfboards.

How far is the beach?

2 minute walk.

But what if I am not a surfer?

We love to do yoga, we love to play chess, we love to talk about current events and we also love to party. There is heaps of space to relax in a hammock, read a book and just chill. Also, you are allowed to make fun of surfers talking too much about “peeling waves” and “that was so siiick”. Read more about things to do in the Activities section.

Is the hostel only for Young people?

We do not care if you are 90 years old. We just want you to come with a lust for adventure and happy soul.

Is it loud to sleep?

We have a curfew at 11. Then, the music is turned off and we expect everybody to be respectful to others.

Can I rent a scooter?

Yes, there are plenty of places that you can rent a scooter from. Usually the prices starts from 5 euro per day.

Can I rent the surfboard?

There are 2 surf shops just a 2 minute walk away. If you are looking for a bigger selection there are another 3 shops about 10 min away. Just ask and we will point you in the right direction. Prices usually starts from 5 euros per day.

What do I need to bring?

We encourage you to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

When is the best time to come to Surfing Wombats?

The high season starts in South Sri Lanka in December and goes through March. It is mainly because it is the driest period of the time and the waves are nice. Is it a good time to come? Yes, the waves are clean and there are lot of things that are happening around - surf competitions, different parties and so on. Midigama is buzzing!

But what about other seasons?

To be honest, the weather is all over the place in the high and low seasons. You can get fantastic weather all year, but there is a bit more rain in the low season. Just remember in low season: You can have uncrowded waves - not all the spots are working but there is always a possibility to surf somewhere. And Wombats crew has been surfing so many times in low season with sun shining and perfect clean waves and no other people. -You get more local interaction -It is usually not raining all the time and do not worry - You can still work on Your tan. -better deals – nicer to visit national parks - not so many cars and not so many hustle So do not be afraid to come in April or in September - You definetly will have a good time :-) . And You can always ask us for weather updates