Glamping, dorm
and rooms Midigama

Surfing Wombats Hostel is located just 50 meters from two of the most popular surf breaks in Sri Lanka, Lazy Left and Lazy right. This way you have the silence of being away from the main road, but the freedom of being close to the ocean, bust stop and train station. If you are looking for a hostel in Weligama and you like to surf, many people tell us that Midigama is actually a better option. It is only a five minute scooter-, tuktuk- or bus ride from Weligama and Ahangama. The beaches here are cleaner, and you are closer to the best surf spots.

Glamping, Tent and Dorm in Midigama

No matter if you are a lone backpacker, part of a group, a couple on holiday or a family, Surfing Wombats have a lot of options to choose how you would like to sleep. We have the dorm in Midigama with the biggest beds, the different sized glamping tents are cool and comfortable at night and the rooms inside are modern and spacious.


Surfing Wombats glamping

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, the tents are perfect for you. We have different sizes and even a dorm tent that fit three people! The beds in the tents are big and comfortable as well, and you will stay dry and safe even if it rains. Many people prefer to sleep in the tents because they are cool at night.  This is for sure the coolest glamping in Midigama.

The best dorm in Midigama

The dorm is it’s own building in the back of the hostel. It’s big and spacious, with four bunk beds and one single bed. It also has it’s own bathroom and shower inside. Here you will find comfort in having your own locker and a big bed to spread around in. When the dorm is full some people even choose to share the beds as they are so big! There are also many fans for when it’s getting hot at night.

Double room and triple room Midigama

If you are looking for a room with AC in Midigama, we have just the room for you. We also have rooms without AC, but with plenty of fans, and if you like cats they are always more than happy to join you for cuddles during the night. All the rooms also have modern bathrooms with hot water showers.